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    Analytical lab ScaleAnalytical lab Scale

    The ALC series form Acculab offers excellent performance for even the most demanding users, and meets all the requirements for effluent workflow in today's laboratory application. All ALC models are made with state-of-the-art technology to provide accuracy, repeatability and outstanding features at a remarkably affordable price. ALC balances are distinguished by attractive design, compact housing and use-friendly operation. Whether it's weighing precious
    metals, counting parts, or measuring chemicals and liquids Acculab ALC series is the right choice.

    Performance features:
    - Digital filtering that helps minimize ambient
    - Fast response time and stable weighing
    - Four built-in application programs
    - Easy operation
    - Connectivity for printer and computer
    Product description :
    - ABS rugged, durable housing with liquid-
       crystal display
    - 20 mass units to choose form
    - Applications include; counting, weighing in
       percent, averaging and net/total formulation
    - Lock-down capability
    - Serial RS-232 bidirectional data interface
    - Stainless steel weighing pans
    - "One button" external calibration
    - Glass chamber for all 0.1 mg models with
       3-way accessibility
    - Leveling bubble and adjustable feet on all
    Analytical lab Scale


    Tuning - Fork Balance

    Tuning - Fork Balance

    Big easy-to-read display (16.5)
    Quick but stable indication
    Long trem stability
    Simple and practical function
    Line/battery operation
    One tuch switching between g and ct
    Bar graph display for remaining capacity

    Measuring System :                 Tuning-fork frequency sensing
    Tare:                                             Full weighing range
    Zero Setting :                             Automatic and/or by key
    Calibration                                Semi-automatic calibration with
                                                          reference weight
    Tempreature/Humidity :           0*C to 40*C, 80%RH or less
    Display  :                                      Custom LCD of 16.5mm height
    Power Source :                          Exclusive AC adaptor
    Function :                                    Ordinary weighing
    Selectable Weighing Units :    g, ct, oz & lb


    Tuning - Fork Balance


    1.b.G. : Bar graph, on/off
    3.A.0. : Auto-zero, on/off
    4.A.P. : Auto-Power off, on/off
    5.r.E. : Response speed, 1 to 3
    6.o.c. : Output control
    7.b.L. : Baud rate selection
    8.SET. : Weighing unit selection, g, ct, oz or lb
    9.A.i. : Complementary indication, on/off (DJH only)
    0.GLP : GLP calibration record format, on/off (DJH only)
    A.Pr.F. : OIML print format, on/off

    DJBT : Built-in Nicd battery unit,
                 operable for 32 hours,
                 charged in 8 hours.
                 Output unavailable.
    DJRP : Output for Shinko printers
    DJR : RS232C output
    Carry case

    Tuning - Fork Balance

    Latest DLS monolithic technology for fast response, accurate and net/total formulation.
    20 different weighing units include counting, weighing in percent, averaging and net/total formulation.
    Serial RS-232 bidirectional interface.
    Compliant to ISO GLP printout
    Automatic calibration and adjustment with external weights by pressing just one key.
    Digital Filtering that helps minimize ambient condition.
    Easy view liquid crystal display.

    Tuning - Fork Balance

    Tuning - Fork Balance

    20 different weighing units include counting, weighing in %, averaging and net/total formulation.
    21 st century latest monolithic technology for fast response, accurate and stable results.
    Built in motorized calibration with internal weights for accurate and stable results.
    Large LCD display with backlight, Serial RS-232 bidirectional interface.
    Digital Filtering that helps minimize ambient condition.
    Hanger for below balance weighing, Four built-in application programs.

    Tuning - Fork Balance
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