Fully Electronic Weigh Bridge, Pitless & Pit Type Weigh Bridge, Surface Mounted Weigh Bridge, Mumbai, India


    Fully Electronic Weigh Bridge has various advantages as compared to the conventional machines available in the market. The following are the features that make the UNIQUE INSTRUMENTS machines the best in the market.

    • No knife edges/No levers, so no question of friction & maintenance.
    • Rigid M.S. Construction & No casting work hence no extra maintenance cost.
    • Direct loading and no lever system improves accuracy and reputability in weighment.
    • Surface mount weight bridge indicator and no manual adjustment to scale bar.
    • Digital indicator display reduces human error.


    Pitless Type Or Surface Mounted Weigh Bridge

    This type of Weigh Bridge are generally mounted above road level. It requires more space compared to pit type weigh bridge. This type of weigh bridge is recommended where there is :-

    •  Hazardous gases in the atmosphere.
    •  Rocky land.
    •  Water logging problem.

    Pit Type Weigh Bridge

    This type of Weigh Bridge is on road level and it offers following advantages

    Occupies lesser space
    No requirement of ramps for loading & unloading of vehicles.

    Pitless Type Or Surface Mounted Weigh Bridge
    Pitless Type Or Surface Mounted Weigh Bridge


    Load Cell is the heart of every electronic weighing bridge. Load cell is a device, which converts the load into electrical signal. Every weigh bridge requires minimum 4 load cells at each corner.

    Features of load cell :
    • Standard dimension for easy mounting
    • Insensitive to vibrations

    Specification Of The Load Cell :

    1. Rate Load Capacity
    10,15,20,30,50 tons
    2. Input Resistance
    800 +/- 30 W
    3. Output Resistance
    700+/- 5 W
    4. Excitation Recommended
    Max 15 Volts
    5. Rated Output
    3.0 +/- 10% mv/v
    6. Non-Linearity
    +/- 0.03% of applied load
    7. Hysterisis
    +/- 0.03% of applied load
    8. Thermal Effect on Zero
    0.05% of applied load/10 deg C
    9. Thermal Effect on Sensitivity
    0.03% of applied load/10 deg C
    10. Insulation Resistance
    > 1000 m W
    11. Creep at 20 Minutes
    +/- 0.05 % of applied load
    12. Temperature Range Operative
    0 deg. C to 50 deg. C
    13. Safe Load
    150% of rated capacity
    14. Ultimate Load
    300% rated capacity
    15. Protection Clause
    IP 67

    Load cells are mounted with the help of unique mounting arrangement. This arrangement offers following advantages


    UNIQUE INSTRUMENTS UW series Electronic Digital Indicator is designed  with latest technology of micro controller for fast and accurate reading.

    Features Of Indicator :

    1. Compact size & light in weight.
    2. Inbuilt Jumbo display interface drivers.
    3. Bright Red Seven Segment Display of 12.5 mm height for operator viewing.
    4. Feature Touch Key Board.
    5. Jumbo Display of 2" Height for Driver's view.
    6. Inbuilt RS232 port for computer interface.


    • Automatic weight transfer to computer
    • Customized entry option viz slip no. vehicle no., material type, party name, type of weight etc.
    • Customized report option viz. date wise, party wise, vehicle wise, material wise
    • Easy to operate, user friendly program
    • Unlimited memory as all the data is stored into computer memory

    Size (m x m) Capacity (Tonnes) Load Cell (Nos.) Least Count (Kg)
    7.5 x 3 30 4 5
    9 x 3 40/50 4 5
    10 x 3 40/50 6 5
    12 x 3 40/50 6 10
    14 x 3 50/60 6 10
    16 x 3 60 6 10
    18 x 3 60 6 10
    20 x 3 80 8 20


    • In built real time clock for date & time print.

    • Auto weight transfer from weighing indicator.

    • 10000 truck slips entry storage.

    Facility to enter truck no, party name, material name,    weighing     charges.

    Summery of daily, monthly print out is possible.

    Header, address line can be programmable by party.

    Auto slips no update.

    LCD display with back light display for clear viewing.

    Compact, light in weight and low power consumption.


    With the addition of a load cell to a mechanical weighbridge level system, many advantages of electronic weighing can be transferred to existing installed weigh bridge at a very nominal cost.
    A single load cell is inserted in the connecting rod of the weighbridge or in the transfer lever of the bottom work of the weighbridge.
    In some cases the lever system can be replaced by load cells which support the platform.
    Thus the weight bridge can be made fully electronic with minor modifications in the foundation. With modification, the capacity of the weigh bridge can also be increased in some cases.

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